Deep Cleaning - Sanitation

Deep Cleaning • Sanitation

Nkabo Hygiene is a registered Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions business and we offers high standards of sanitising and disinfecting services.

Our company exclusively focuses on customers that require quality cleaning and disinfecting services, and we have built our client base and reputation on this premise. 

Customer retention has been a key aspect of our business and this has been made possible through high quality products and guaranteed service excellence.


Our Solution

Nkabo Hygiene can offer a solution that will protect the lives and health of our fellow South Africans. Our approach towards effective management of this outbreak will include the following:

Using only South African National Accreditation (SANS) accredited disinfectants and utilise the most reliable equipment in the industry for the application these disinfecting products.. 

Regular follow up, quality control phone calls and visits by our operations team when the need arise.

Qualified and well-trained personnel.


How it works

The environmentally friendly decontamination method uses stabilised hydrogen peroxide (H202) and Silver (Ag), which breaks down into simple, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic water and oxygen. The hydrogen peroxide vapour is delivered through fogging for total area disinfection, or as a spray for surface disinfection.

We make use of Disinfection Chemicals with a LOG from 5 TO 6.25 (99.999925% Killing effect) rating, the highest known currently in the industry together with the correct PPE and equipment. 


Workplace Suitability

Fogging sanitation is best Suited for the Following spaces: 

Taxi Ranks



High Traffic Nodes 

Government Buildings

Public Spaces 



Ports of Entry 


Hospitals and Clinics 

Restaurants Pubs and Clubs 


Benefits of disinfecting

Kills virus, bacteria, fungi etc.

Reduces chances of transmission

Prevents the build-up of pathogens after it has been applied so it does have a

residual effect.

People, food, plants and pets do not need to be removed while disinfecting your business since the product is not harmful 

Due to the efficiency of our machinery and speed, impact on productivity is minimal.


Types of equipment

We carry a variety of equipment specially designed for cleaning, decontamination and sanitation of all types of surfaces. 

Our disinfecting walk through walkways are perfectly suited for schools, factories, warehouses or any organisation that experiences a large volume of people.

The thermal fogging equipment we use leaves all surfaces dry and the quick application means that rooms can be used minutes after application. This application makes it quick for workers or students to return quickly to their classrooms.